Some People Might Refer To Me As
Master, Guru or Bodi Safa


But I am none of those.
Some may say I am Enlightened.
But I am not that either.

I am just a man. Simple yet deep. I source my life from my heart
and people notice that. The choices I make on how to live my life allow
me to experience the deepest connection with the essence of all that
life is. This essence radiates from my core and people are curious how
to feel that for themselves. I tell them that most people are trying
to escape reality, while I am trying to have an encounter with it.
Although I feel I am on a direct path, I make no promises that it
leads anywhere at all. It is only for those that feel the calling. The path
I speak of is “Telling yourself the truth.” Most peoples lives are shaped
by powerful statements that in this moment are simply not true.
Tell yourself the truth and that truth will bring you freedom from the illusion of your limitations. It will lead you on an internal journey to
who you really are and allow you in this moment to be fully present
and connected to the essence of all that life is.