This is an invitation to a Safe Space for You to be Real
and Unfold into Your Truth.


Who Will Show Up


I recently moved here to beautiful Kauai. I have been trying to get here for years. No matter how much I would visit, My mind just couldn’t see how to make my life here. One day after a very intense meditation I decided that I wasn’t going to let my mind be the master of my show anymore. In fact I decided that there wasn’t going to be a show at all. I knew this feeling was coming from my heart. The question was did I have the courage to follow it. Well as I mentioned I recently moved to Kauai.

My heart has been open since I was a teenager. It has always had pretty clear communication with me. The problem was that I found myself paying attention to it only when it was easy. When it was hard I just stuffed it back down and returned to my show. Well you know life has a interesting way of dishing out its candy. For the last three years its really been dishing it out to me. From my minds perspective there has been nothing sweet about it. My whole life was being dismantled in a big hurry. In my mind I was losing control. The show that I talk about became so painful that it didn’t seem like I had any other choice but to follow my heart. Thankfully I did make that choice. It has led me to a place of looking beyond myself and reaching towards the inside of others. I couldn’t help but notice that no matter what it looked like on the outside. Everybody was looking for the same thing on the inside. I thought to myself with such a common bond how could it still be so illusive. I realized that we all needed more support than we were able to give to ourselves. So it led me to this question.

Who will show up? Who is going to stand up and say why is there a war against drugs but not a war against poverty. Why are we allowed to own several unoccupied homes when there is people living in the streets. Why can reality TV shows pay people millions of dollars to do crazy things, When there is people who can’t afford their daily needs. Why do restaurants waste so much food, When there are people who can’t afford to feed themselves. Why is it that our basic survival needs are becoming less reachable everyday. As we all know the list goes on . Clearly the imbalance is growing rapidly out of control. But The answers to these questions are irrelevant. The real question is, Who is going to show up to change it. Are we only going to follow our hearts when its easy? How bad will we let it get before we have no choice but to show up and put it all on the line in the name of Truth and Integrity.

Its on us to make the change and in this case strength can only happen in numbers. I am a bridge builder and I am sending out a message. I am asking all other bridge builders to show up and build a bridge that will span the distance from all of our minds to all of our hearts. Even if at first the numbers are small we the few can build a bridge that many can walk across. As all of humanity begins to walk across and be supported by this bridge, Our passion for a whole and meaningful life shall begin to emerge. Then and only then will life's majority understand what it means to be connected to
Connected to the source.