There Is No Me


I am just energy that comes from the Source of my Heart and Soul.
That Soul has come here for a purpose. Regardless of that purpose
It needs a vehicle to travel on this planet. I am not that vehicle (my Body). But I am responsible for that vehicle. That body. You can’t just take your car and run it over somebody. Or kidnap them and drive them somewhere they don’t want to go. Which meaning manipulating behaviors that
influences someone in a particular direction. Such as the show we put on for ourselves and others. The Illusion we are living, the dream that we let the belief in the Me create for ourselves. Its here where we must put down 100 percent of the ME idea to let the Souls true purpose be fulfilled.
We must realize the gift of our bodies and treat this vehicle 1000 times greater than you would treat your favorite car. Which meaning you simply give it exactly what it needs to perform as intended. What it needs to get your Soul efficiently where it needs to go.

Thinking that you are your body is like you thinking you are your car.
The story we call our lives is just like making up a story about your car
and then one day the car takes over the story (ego) and you think your
life is about that car. That is why we are said to be sleeping. Because are story about ourselves puts a cloudy haze over our Souls purpose. It is not until we believe in our Souls from the heart do we begin to lift that haze.

As we pay attention to the messages that our Soul is constantly sending out. More layers of the haze begin to fall away. When you can put down 100 percent of the idea that there is a me. When you can do that. It is at this point you could be considered enlightened. Now that you know where the enlightenment break is. It is up to you to use it. That is the secret of the secrets. You have to do it.

You would think that enlightenment would be enough and after all that work it would just stop there. But of course not. Enlightenment is just the beginning. It is already expected of us. It is up to us how we use it, Because now its time to get down to the real business. Why you came here in the first place. Living out the unfolding of your Souls destiny.