When you don't feel like cooking and you can't get anybody to cook for
you. The food in the picture is just not an option. Let me share with you some of the most amazing restaurant experiences available. All restaurants mentioned have increddible food and other special qualities that make them unique.. Most but not all have fantastic service. There are places you just eat at to fill your stomach and there are places that you can experience life at that will fill your Soul. These are just a few experiences that will always be remembered.


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Sonoma, California

When in the town of Sonoma California and youv'e had enough wine
and your hungry for more then just food. These restuarants are a must. They all have special qualities to enjoy and they are one of a kind.


Juanita Juanita

The Breakaway Cafe


Kauai, Hawaii

When your on the Hawaiian island of Kauai you could try some of my favorite spots

Polynesia Cafe

Kilauea Fish Market